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Statement by Ambassador Wang Min at the Security Council Meeting on the Situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina



(Photo by Niu Xiaolei/Xinhua News Agency)

Mr. President,

I thank High Representative Inzko for his briefing.

China welcomes the positive progress achieved by Bosnia and Herzegovina in enhancing national reconciliation, promoting economic development and building and strengthening the rule of law. Meanwhile, we note that Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to face complications and difficulties in achieving sustainable economic and social development and lasting peace and stability in the country, and that it continues to need support and assistance from the international community.

China respects the independence, sovereignty, national unity and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

China also respects the right of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina to decide the future of their country, and supports the right of all the country’s ethnic groups to live in peace, harmony and common development. We hope that all ethnic groups will work on behalf of the long-term interests of their country, take practical measures to strengthen the outcome of the political process, resolve their differences through dialogue and cooperation, and implement the Dayton Peace Agreement in a comprehensive manner with a view to achieving greater progress in all areas of State-building.

The question of Bosnia and Herzegovina is extremely complex and sensitive. The international community should take a balanced and prudent approach by fully respecting the leadership and ownership of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and commit itself to playing a positive role in promoting unity and cooperation among all the ethnic groups of the country. China supports High Representative Inzko in his efforts to fulfil his mandated activities in an appropriate and constructive manner and to continue to play a positive role in promoting the political process in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

China welcomes the assistance provided by the International Monetary Fund in maintaining the financial and economic stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina. China is prepared to join the international community in its ongoing efforts to make its due contribution to the peace, stability and development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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