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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Remarks on the China-Related Comments Made at the US Republican National Convention


Q: The new party platform recently deliberated and adopted by the US Republican National Convention covers the party's policy towards China. The Republican's Presidential Nominee Romney also mentioned China in his acceptance speech. What is China's comment?

A: China has noted the China-related content in the new party platform of the US Republican Party as well as in Mr. Romney's acceptance speech. I want to stress that it is the common cause of China and the US to push forward the cooperative partnership based on mutual respect and mutual benefit and build a new type of relations between major countries. The sustained, sound and stable development of China-US relations serves the fundamental interests of the two countries and contributes to peace, stability and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region and the world at large. It is a correct direction that both sides should stick to. US statesmen, whichever party they represent, should recognize that fundamentally speaking, it is in the US' interests to look at China's development from an objective and rational perspective, understand correctly relevant issues in China-US relations, stop making groundless accusations against China and interfering in China's internal affairs and promote China-US mutual trust and cooperation in a responsible manner.

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