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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei Expresses China's Solemn Position on the Annual Defence White Paper by the Japanese Cabinet Meeting and Urges Japan to Re-examine and Reflect on Its Actions


Q: The Japanese Cabinet Meeting adopted its annual defence white paper on July 31, once again criticizing China's defence policies and military activities. How does China comment?

A: In its defence white paper, Japan makes groundless criticisms on China's normal defence development and military activities, pointing fingers at China's internal affairs. China hereby expresses its strong dissatisfaction and has made stern representations with Japan.

In recent years, Japan has caught wide attention from regional and international communities by making various excuses for its continuous arms expansion, reinforcement of military alliance and distorting facts on regional security issues. We can't help but ask what is Japan's real motivation by doing so? What Japan should do is to earnestly re-examine and reflect on whether such actions could be conducive to regional peace and stability.

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