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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Remarks on China-US Human Rights Dialogue


Q: Recently, the 17th China-US Human Rights Dialogue was held in Washington. However, US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor Posner still criticized the continued deterioration of China's overall human rights conditions after the Dialogue. How does China comment?

A: From July 23 to 24, the 17th China-US Human Rights Dialogue was held in Washington. The two sides exchanged views on human rights-related issues in a spirit of equality and mutual respect. The US side acknowledged the new progress China has made in human rights during the Dialogue and believed that the Dialogue was frank, open and constructive. But to our regret, the US side still made unfounded attacks at China's human rights conditions after the Dialogue. We hereby express our dissatisfaction and firm opposition.

As was pointed out by the Chinese side during the Dialogue, no country in the world has perfect human rights conditions. The United States have severe problems in areas such as justice, rights of Native Americans and racial discrimination. We hope the US side will devote more energy to reflecting on and promoting its own human rights conditions.

The Chinese people are the best qualified to speak about China's human rights conditions. Over the past 30-odd years of reform and opening-up, thanks to rapid economic development, the Chinese people have enjoyed constantly rising living standards. Their various rights, interests and basic freedoms have been elevated to an unprecedented level. China's achievements are for all to see. We hope the US side can view China's human rights conditions in a comprehensive, objective and fair manner, and play a constructive role for the sound development of China-US Human Rights Dialogue.

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