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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Weimin's Regular Press Conference on July 11, 2012


On July 11, 2012, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Weimin held a press conference.

Q: Special Envoy Annan proposed that Iran should play a greater role in resolving the Syrian crisis. How does China comment?

A: China always believes that the proper resolution of the Syrian issue cannot be achieved without the participation and support of regional countries, particularly countries with influence over relevant parties in Syria.

Q: It is reported that in the early morning of July 11, three Chinese fishery administration ships entered waters within 12 nautical miles off the Diaoyu Islands, over which Japan has made representations with China. Please confirm.

A: The Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands have always been China's inherent territory since ancient times. China's fishery administration ships went to waters under Chinese jurisdiction according to Chinese laws for routine patrol and inspection aimed at stepping up supervision of the summer-time fishing moratorium. It is a normal performance of duty. China does not accept Japan's representations.

Q: The baby Panda born last week in Japan's Ueno Zoo was confirmed dead today. How does China comment?

A: We learned this news with great regret, and believe that many Japanese people who have been looking forward to the cub also lament this loss.

Q: China once said that it would launch discussions on the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea (COC) with ASEAN when conditions are ripe. What are the "conditions" referring to?

A: China's position on the COC is clear. We are open toward launching the COC discussions with ASEAN countries. At the same time, we believe that the COC is part of implementing the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC), and substantive discussions can be launched when conditions are ripe. At present, parties concerned should fully and effectively implement the DOC and carry out practical cooperation under this framework.

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