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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Weimin's Regular Press Conference on July 6, 2012


On July 6, 2012, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Weimin held a press conference.

Liu Weimin started the press conference with the following announcement.

At the invitation of Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius of the Republic of France will pay an official visit to China from July 9 to 11.

During the visit, Premier Wen Jiabao and other Chinese leaders will meet with Foreign Minister Fabius. Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi will have talks with him. The two sides will exchange in-depth views on China-France relations, China-EU relations and international and regional issues of common interest. We hope this visit will step up their political mutual trust and practical cooperation, enhance their communication and coordination in international affairs and boost the sound and steady development of China-France comprehensive strategic partnership.

Q: It is reported that the US filed a complaint to the WTO regarding China's imposition of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy tariffs on the import of US cars. How does China respond?

A: Relevant official of the Chinese Commerce Ministry has made remarks on this issue. China will properly handle the request for consultation according to the WTO dispute settlement procedures. China-US economic cooperation is mutually beneficial in essence. It is inevitable that there are frictions and disputes in their trade and economic cooperation. But what's important and in line with both of their interests is that they should properly solve these disputes through coordination featuring equality, mutual benefit and mutual accommodation, rather than allowing such frictions or disputes to undermine the overall interests of China-US business cooperation.

Q: It is reported that the Japanese government is studying the possibility of restoring the so-called "collective self-defence", drawing extensive concerns from East Asian countries. How does China comment? Second, the ROK plans to submit to the UN its claim regarding the outer limit of the East China Sea continental shelf, which angers Japan. What's China's position?

A: On your first question, due to historical reasons, Japan's moves on the revision of its constitution have been a concern of its Asian neighbours. We believe it is in Japan's own interest to adhere to peaceful development, which is also conducive to regional peace, stability and development.

On your second question, we have noted relevant reports. China's position on the East China Sea is clear and consistent. China would like to properly solve the dispute through negotiation with countries concerned.

Q: The International Conference on Reconstruction Assistance to Afghanistan will be held in Tokyo this weekend. Who will China send to attend the meeting? What expectations do you have?

A: Ambassador Chen Mingming of the Chinese Foreign Ministry will lead a delegation to the meeting as the representative of Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi. As a friendly neighbour of Afghanistan and a responsible member of the international community, China has been supporting and participating in the peaceful reconstruction of Afghanistan. We believe the international community should continue to support and help the country in its efforts to realize peace, stability and development. We hope the Tokyo Conference will make progress in pushing the international community to make relevant efforts.

Q: It is reported that two Japanese right-wing activists landed on the Diaoyu Islands yesterday and then left. How does China comment?

A: The Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands have always been China's inherent territory since ancient times. The illegal acts of the Japanese right-wing activists have grossly violated China's territorial sovereignty. China has made stern representations and protest to the Japanese side.

Q: What does China expect of the China-EU High-Level Strategic Dialogue to be held next week?

A: The information of the third round of China-EU High-Level Strategic Dialogue has been released. China-EU High-Level Strategic Dialogue has played an important role in boosting China-EU political understanding, mutual trust and deepening mutually beneficial cooperation. In the first two rounds, the two sides had in-depth exchange of views on the overarching and strategic issues of China-EU relations and the international situation, and deepened mutual understanding and trust. Both sides attach great importance to this dialogue and have made a lot of preparation. We hope to work with the EU to make this dialogue a productive one.

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