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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Regular Press Conference on March 6, 2014


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang held a press conference on March 6, 2014.

Q: ROK Defence Ministry said that the rocket shells launched by the DPRK on the afternoon of March 4 passed through the flight route of a Chinese passenger jet. The ROK side views this as a threat to flight security. Is China aware of it? Has China expressed concerns to the DPRK over that?

A: It is learned that the Chinese passenger plane flew over the DPRK territorial airspace and other relevant airspace normally on that day encountering nothing special.

I want to highlight that we attach great importance to the safety of our passenger planes. Countries, while conducting military trainings or exercises, should adopt necessary measures in accordance with international conventions to ensure the safety of civil aircrafts and vessels in relevant airspaces and waters.

I also want to point out that to uphold peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula is in the interests of all parties. We hope relevant parties will do more things that are conducive to easing the tension rather than the opposite. The Chinese side urges all relevant parties to stay calm and exercise restraint, be discreet in words and deeds and prevent a repeat of the scenario where there is a progressive escalation of tensions so as to jointly safeguard peace and stability of the Peninsula.

China without any doubt will verify the information with relevant parties and express necessary concerns.

Q: First, China has responded to other countries' concerns over the increase of its military spending. But the Indian side is still concerned about the gap between India and China in terms of military spending. What is China's response? Second, India extended condolence to China after the violent and terror attack in Kunming on March 1. China said that international efforts are needed to combat terrorism. Mumbai, India also went through a terrorist bombing attack years ago. Have China and India had communication over joint crackdown on terrorism?

A: I have reiterated China's position on the issue of military spending on different occasions over the past few days.

I want to stress that China's defence policy is defensive in nature. China adheres to the path of peaceful development and places importance on growing a good-neighborly, strategic and cooperative partnership with India. We are committed to this point.

We are also ready to work with the Indian side to constantly deepen strategic mutual trust, expand mutually beneficial cooperation, jointly safeguard peace and tranquility of the border areas and jointly maintain peace, stability and security of the region and beyond. The signal we send to our friendly neighbor India is about peace, cooperation and mutual benefits.

On anti-terrorism, we have noted the sympathy and support that India conveyed to China through open and diplomatic channels on the serious and violent terror attack in Kunming not long ago. We are grateful for that.

I want to point out that counter-terrorism is a common task of the world. China also strongly condemned the Mumbai terrorist bombing attack and extended support and sympathy to India. We want to work with India, countries in this region and the rest of the world to enhance cooperation and combat terrorism with concerted efforts.

Q: First, which Chinese leader will attend the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Paralympics? Second, the US said that China and the US agreed to uphold the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. If so, does China support Russia's position on the Ukrainian issue?

A: On your first question, as far as I know, the Chinese delegation has arrived in Sochi and will attend the eleventh Winter Paralympics which will open tomorrow. The head of the delegation is a leading figure from the China Disabled Persons Federation (CDPF). I would point you to the CDPF for specifics.

On your second question, We have made a complete and comprehensive elaboration on China's position. I hope that you will understand and report on it completely and accurately.

On the Ukrainian issue, our decision is made not only based on our long-standing principles, but also on the cause and effect as well as the merit of the issue. Under the current circumstances, we hope that concerns of all parties will be considered and the lawful rights and interests of all ethnic communities in Ukraine will be respected and accommodated. We support a proper settlement of the Ukrainian crisis through political and diplomatic approaches.

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