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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Regular Press Conference on February 18, 2014


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying held a press conference on February 18, 2014.

Hua Chunying started the press conference with the following announcement:

At the invitation of Foreign Minister Wang Yi, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius will pay a working visit to China from February 20 to 24.

Q: Venezuela is being plagued by anti-government protests and violent clashes. Is China concerned about the current situation there? Will it affect China's investment in Venezuela?

A: We have noted relevant reports. Venezuela is an important country in Latin America and a friend and important cooperative partner of China. We believe that the Venezuelan government and people are capable of dealing with their domestic affairs, safeguarding national stability and promoting economic and social growth. It not only serves the fundamental interests of the Venezuelan people but also contributes to peace and development in Latin America. We are ready to continue our practical cooperation with Venezuela in various fields on a mutually beneficial basis.

Q: Please brief us on the agenda and aim of Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin's visit to the DPRK?

A: As I said yesterday, it is a regular contact between foreign ministries of the two countries. China, as a close neighbor of the Korean Peninsula, has maintained close communication with the two sides on the Peninsula, with the aim of pushing for constant relaxation of tensions of the Peninsula, promoting an early resumption of the Six-Party Talks, denuclearizing the Peninsula and upholding peace and stability there.

Q: The Venezuelan Ambassador to China reportedly accused the US of being behind the social unrest in Venezuela, saying that the US is paving the way for a military coup. What is China's comment?

A: China hopes that the US and Venezuela will develop bilateral relations based on equality and mutual respect. We believe that it not only serves the common interests of the two countries and two peoples, but also contributes to peace and stability of Latin America.

Q: First, a faction of the Pakistani Taliban has recently killed several Pakistani paramilitary soldiers. How does China view the security situation in the relevant region? The second meeting of the Joint Cooperation Committee on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor coincides with the Pakistani President's visit to China. What is China's comment?

A: On your first question, China strongly condemns the incident and expresses condolences to the victims. China firmly stands for the unremitting efforts by the Pakistani government and people for national stability and supports Pakistan in developing and implementing national security strategies in light of its national conditions. We hope that Pakistan can maintain economic and social stability.

On your second question, Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain kicks off his state visit to China today. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is one item on the agenda of his visit. To build the Economic Corridor is an important agreement between Chinese and Pakistani leaders. The project is of far-reaching and strategic significance to increased connectivity and business cooperation between China and Pakistan and will also serve as a driver for connectivity between South Asia and East Asia as well as economic growth and improvement of people's well-being in the surrounding areas. We believe that this project will become a new highlight of China-Pakistan cooperation and set an example for regional cooperation.

Q: The P5+1 and Iranian negotiators meet today for talks aimed at reaching a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. What are the main obstacles on the way to an agreement? What kind of flexibility and compromise will be needed in the talks?

A: Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong has led a delegation to the new round of talks between the P5+1 and Iran being held in Vienna today.

The Iranian nuclear issue is a complex and sensitive one which is related to not only the major interests but also mutual trust of all relevant parties. But as the entry into force of the first step agreement has shown, as long as all relevant parties pull together, we can create a virtuous cycle of curbing Iran's nuclear program and relaxing sanctions against Iran, and stride forward toward the comprehensive, long-term and proper settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue.

Regarding the new round of talks, we believe that we should have both the firm confidence in a negotiated peaceful settlement and an objective and result-oriented attitude. We hope that all parties will continue consultation on an equal footing based on the first step agreement, step up diplomatic efforts, stay patient, demonstrate more flexibility and sincerity, seek common ground and resolve differences so as to consolidate what has been achieved in the initial stage and move the negotiation process forward. China will continue to play a positive and constructive role to that end.

Q: An explosion tore through a bus filled with ROK sightseers in Egypt, killing and injuring several tourists. What is China's comment?

A: We have noted the relevant report and are saddened by this unfortunate incident. We express condolences to the victims and solicitude for the injured and the bereaved families.

Q: What is the schedule of the Pakistani President's visit to China?

A: Pakistani President Hussain will arrive in China later today for a state visit. China places high importance on this visit. President Xi Jinping will hold talks with President Hussain after a welcome ceremony. Premier Li Keqiang and Chairman Zhang Dejiang of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress will meet with him respectively. The two sides will discuss how to deepen China-Pakistan practical cooperation in various fields, including how to forge ahead with the building of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and maintain close communication and cooperation in regional and international affairs. The two sides will issue a joint statement to showcase the resolve of boosting China-Pakistan all-weather friendship and practical cooperation in various fields.

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