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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Regular Press Conference on December 16, 2013


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying held a press conference on December 16, 2013.

Q: According to some Argentine media, the Chinese government protested robberies of Chinese-owned supermarkets in Argentina, and this was hyped up by local media. What is your comment on that?

A: Regarding the issue of robberies in some places in Argentina where a few Chinese-owned supermarkets suffered, my colleague has expressed China's position at a previous press briefing.

Recently, the Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Embassy in Argentina have respectively worked on the Argentine side. We hope that the Argentine government will take effective measures and ensure the personal safety and legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese in real earnest. The Argentine government takes China's concerns seriously. In addition to enhancing protection through increased police force, two lawbreakers who instigated robberies of Chinese-owned supermarkets on social networks were arrested. China highly appreciates that.

China believes that the Argentine government is capable of maintaining social stability and protecting life and property of people in Argentina, including those of the overseas Chinese.

Q: Yesterday, in response to a US list of additional companies and people under existing sanctions against Iran, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that Iran had predicted from the very beginning that there would be a lot of ups and downs in the negotiations with the P5+1, but Iran would carry on with seriousness. What is China's comment on that?

A: Days ago, Iran and the P5+1 reached a framework agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue which marks an important step in resolving this issue through diplomatic means. The P5+1 and Iran are consulting with each other on the implementation of the initial agreement and negotiations concerning the follow-up steps. All parties should stick to the principle of mutual respect and the step-by-step process based on reciprocity, strike while the iron is hot, jointly maintain the atmosphere and momentum of resolving the issue through political and diplomatic means and take the first step as soon as possible. China will continue to promote peace talks and play a constructive role for the comprehensive and proper settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue.

Q: Last night, two police officers from the Public Security Bureau of Shufu County of Xinjiang were killed in pursuit of criminal suspects, while 14 assailants were shot dead. Does China deem it a terrorist attack? Could you give us more information?

A: I want to tell you that China is a country under the rule of the law. The constitution and laws have entrusted the public security authorities with the duty of combating crimes and protecting people's life and property. It is a violent terror gang that was cracked down by the public security authorities of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region. The mobs attacked the policemen with explosive devices. It once again reveals the true face of the violent terrorists who are anti-society and anti-human and should be unanimously condemned by the international community. People in Xinjiang long for a stable and united society. The violent terrorists' conspiracy to damage economic and social stability and ethnic unity of Xinjiang does not enjoy popular support and is doomed to failure.

Q: According to officials of the Chilean electoral commission, candidate of the New Majority coalition, former President Michelle Bachelet won the presidential election yesterday and will take office in March, 2014. What is China's comment? What is China's expectation for China-Chile relations?

A: China congratulates former President Bachelet, candidate of the New Majority coalition, on being elected as the Chilean President.

Chile is the first South American country to establish diplomatic relations with China. Over the past 43 years since the inception of diplomatic ties, bilateral relations have maintained continuous and in-depth growth. The two sides enjoy frequent high-level contact, ever-deepening political mutual trust, fruitful results in mutually beneficial and friendly cooperation in various fields and close communication in international and regional affairs. The two countries have become each other's important strategic partners.

The Chinese government attaches importance to developing friendly and cooperative relations with Chile from a strategic and long-term perspective. We are ready to work with the Chilean side to strengthen exchanges and cooperation across the board, step up practical cooperation and elevate China-Chile strategic partnership to a new high under new circumstances.

Q: Yesterday, the Social Democratic Party and the Christian Democratic Union of Germany announced in succession the list of cabinet members of the coalition government. Former Foreign Minister and Social Democrat Frank-Walter Steinmeier will return as the Foreign Minister. What is China's comment? What is China's expectation for China-Germany ties?

A: China congratulates Germany on going to form a new government. We are glad to see Mr. Steinmeier assume again the post of Foreign Minister. China-Germany relationship is in good shape. The two sides enjoy growing political mutual trust and deepening cooperation in business, cultural and other fields. Foreign Ministries of the two sides also maintain close communication and cooperation. China is ready to work with the new German government to press ahead with bilateral relations.

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