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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Regular Press Conference on November 26, 2013


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang held a press conference on November 26, 2013.

Q: Tens of thousands of anti-government protestors in Thailand assembled outside the military and police headquarters and government buildings and occupied the Finance Ministry and Foreign Ministry on November 25, requiring Prime Minister Yingluck to step down. What is China's comment on the current situation in Thailand?

A: China follows the current situation in Thailand. As a friendly neighbor, we sincerely hope that relevant parties in Thailand could bear in mind national interests, properly solve their differences through dialogue and consultation and avoid further unrest. The stability of Thailand not only serves the fundamental interests of the Thai people but is also conducive to stability and prosperity of the region.

Q: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon announced that the Geneva II Conference on the Syrian issue will be held on January 22, 2014. What is China's comment?

A: We see it as important progress in implementing the Resolution 2118 of the UN Security Council and promoting the political settlement of the Syrian issue. It is also what China has been working for. We hereby express our welcome and support.

The Syrian issue must be resolved through political means. We call on all parties in Syria to give priority to their national interests and people's well-being, take an active part in the political process, work with the international community to set the stage for the Geneva II Conference and push for positive progress at the Conference. China will continue to do its part for the political settlement of the Syrian issue.

Q: Would China resort to armed forces if foreign civil aircrafts did not observe China's rules for the East China Sea ADIZ?

A: Over the past couple of days, we have expounded on the relevant position of China in a complete and comprehensive manner. With regard to your question, there are explicit regulations in the Announcement of the Aircraft Identification Rules for the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone of the PRC. China clearly states that foreign international airlines' normal flight activities in the East China Sea ADIZ will not be affected.

A follow-up question: my understanding is that China will not rule out resorting to armed forces. Is it correct?

A: The Announcement has made things clear. With regard to your question, China will make corresponding reactions in accordance with the situation and the level of threat that it may face.

Q: The US Environmental Protection Agency Administrator will visit China next week. Do you have any detail on the agenda and theme of the visit?

A: I have no information on that. I will come back to you after checking with the relevant authorities in China.

I want to emphasize that cooperation between China and the US in environmental protection has been expanded and deepened over the recent years. It is not only beneficial for our two countries but also very important for the environmental protection cause of the world. China is ready to continue to strengthen cooperation with the US in environmental protection.

Q: The US mobile chip-set company Qualcomm announced that the National Development and Reform Commission in China is doing some form of investigation related to the anti-monopoly law of China. Some people are seeing this investigation of Qualcomm as being the latest in a series of issues for US technology companies in China, including Cisco and IBM. Is the government of China doing anything to encourage either state-owned enterprises or other parts of the government to stop buying US technology? Is there any effort to rein in the purchase of US technology products?

A: I would refer you to the competent authorities for the specifics. I want to stress that China's policy of welcoming and attracting foreign investment remains unchanged. We will further open up to the world. To give foreign-invested companies pre-establishment national treatment is part of our opening-up efforts and where we are heading for. Meanwhile, we ask foreign businesses in China to observe China's laws and relevant regulations and refrain from doing things that undermine China's interests, China's security interests included. The competent Chinese authorities will investigate in and deal with relevant firms in accordance with laws and regulations if problems occur.

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