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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Remarks on China's Dispatch of the Medical Team and Hospital Ship to the Disaster-Hit Areas of the Philippines


Q: Typhoon Haiyan has affected tens of millions and injured nearly 20,000 in the Philippines. China has offered to send the emergency medical assistance team to the disaster-hit areas of the Philippines. When will the medical team set off?

A: China has been following closely the typhoon disaster in the Philippines and is ready to send relief workers to the disaster-hit areas for humanitarian medical assistance in the spirit of healing the wounded and rescuing the dying. It has been confirmed based on coordination with the Philippines that the emergency medical assistance team sent by the Chinese government and the international rescue team of the Red Cross Society of China will leave for the Philippines within the next few days, while the Red Cross Society's first batch of relief workers will set off on November 20. The Chinese naval hospital ship "Peace Ark" will also sail to the disaster-hit areas of the Philippines to join the relief effort. The ship, which is of good medical assistance ability and maneuverability, will set sail as soon as possible.

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