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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Regular Press Conference on November 15, 2013


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei held a press conference on November 15, 2013.

Q: According to the Reuters and the AFP, the Gambian President's office announced on November 14 that Gambia would "cut diplomatic ties" with Taiwan with immediate effect. What is China's comment?

A: It is also from the foreign media that we learned of relevant information. China had no contact with Gambia previously.

There is but one China in the world. The One China policy is the universal consensus upheld by the international community. Supporting the peaceful reunification of China is an overwhelming trend.

Q: Japanese city assembly member Takuma Sakuragi of the Aichi Prefecture was detained at the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport on suspicion of carrying drugs. Please brief us on the case.

A: Takuma Sakuragi was detained by the Chinese public security organ at the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport for carrying drugs. He is now being detained at the Guangdong provincial detention center. The Chinese public security organ has notified in time the Japanese Consulate General in Guangdong of the above case and the Japanese side has sent consular officials to visit him. The case is under further investigation.

Q: Japanese Prime Minister's diplomatic policy adviser Shotaro Yachi reportedly said that Japan should pursue the stance of "strategic patience" in handling Japan-China relations and refrain from responding emotionally to China's "provocations" on the issue of the Diaoyu islands. What is China's response?

A: Every fair-minded person will come to a just conclusion on who is the one that takes provocative actions on the issue of the Diaoyu islands. Whatever propaganda tool Japan employs, it cannot change the basic fact that the Diaoyu islands belong to China. If Japan genuinely wants to improve China-Japan relations, it should adopt a correct attitude and be sincere in solving problems.

Q: Some Chinese media called for the Chinese government to send warships to the Philippines for disaster relief. What is China's comment?

A: The damage caused by Typhoon Haiyan to the Philippines has striken a sympathetic chord with the Chinese government and people. We have provided for them humanitarian assistance both in cash and in supplies including tents and blankets that are worth over 10 million Yuan.

With respect to how and what China will provide, China will make decisions in accordance with the development of the situation and the needs of the Philippines.

Q: The Japanese government reportedly said today that it would release new review standards for the revision of textbooks. What is China's comment?

A: Whether Japan can correctly recognize and seriously reflect upon the history of aggression and colonial rule by militarism has a bearing on the future of the relations between Japan and its neighbors. We require the Japanese side to make good on its statements and commitments on historical issues and win with concrete actions the trust of its Asian neighbors and the international community.

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