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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Regular Press Conference on February 6, 2013


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying held a press conference on February 6, 2013.

Q: It is reported that the P5 plus one countries and Iran will hold a new round of talks in Kazakhstan on February 26, please confirm. Will China send a delegation and what is China's expectation of the talks?

A: China will send a delegation to the new round of talks between the P5 plus one countries and Iran to be held in Alma-Ata of Kazakhstan on February 26.

The dialogue on the Iranian nuclear issue is now in a new crucial period. We hope relevant parties will seize the opportunity and strive for progress on the basis of the previous three rounds of talks last year. China stands ready to work with relevant parties to make constructive efforts for the peaceful resolution of the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomatic means.

Q: Is there any change of China's attitude towards the Diaoyu Islands issue and Japan?

A: The Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands are China's inherent territory. Chinese government vessels and aircrafts are entitled to carry out routine patrols and law-enforcement in the waters and airspace of the Diaoyu Islands. China has lodged representations many times against Japanese vessels and aircrafts' repeated illegal entry into the waters and airspace of China's Diaoyu Islands and urged the Japanese side to stop the illegal activities.

The Chinese government remains committed to the development of China-Japan relations. We are ready to develop China-Japan strategic relationship of mutual benefit on the basis of the principles of the four political documents between the two countries. Under the current situation, the Japanese side should face up to the history and reality and take concrete measures to work with China for an effective way to properly manage and solve the problems through dialogue and negotiation.

Q: Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi reportedly had a telephone conversation with the US Secretary of State on February 5 to exchange views on China-US relations. Did the two sides also talk about the situation on the Korean Peninsula?

A: US Secretary of State John Kerry called Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on the evening of February 5. The two sides exchanged views on the Korean Peninsula situation.

Yang said that properly dealing with the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue and safeguarding peace and stability on the Peninsula serves the common interests and is the shared responsibility of all relevant parties. China is committed to the realization of denuclearization as well as peace and stability on the Peninsula. This position is clear and resolute. The current situation on the Peninsula is sensitive and complex. China is highly concerned over relevant developments. Parties concerned should bear in mind the larger picture, adopt a prudent manner, and remain committed to the denuclearization on the Peninsula and the long-lasting peace and stability in Northeast Asia. All concerns should be resolved through dialogue in a comprehensive and balanced way to avoid further escalation of the tension on the Peninsula. All parties should stick to the direction of the Six-Party Talks and create conditions for an early resumption of the talks.

Q: Please brief us on Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad's visit to China.

A: Vice Foreign Minister Zhai Jun held talks with Mekdad yesterday. Later today, Foreign Minster Yang Jiechi will meet with him. We will release relevant information in due course.

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