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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Regular Press Conference on January 10, 2013


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei held a press conference on January 10, 2013.

Q: First, the new Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has selected three Southeast Asian countries as his first foreign destination. What is China's comment? Second, China National Conference on Maritime Affairs suggested that this year China will maintain routine rights-protection patrols and law-enforcement in waters off the Diaoyu Islands. What is the Foreign Ministry's comment?

A: On your first question, I have noted relevant reports.

On your second question, I have repeatedly pointed out that the Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands are China's inherent territory. Chinese government vessels and planes will continue to patrol in the waters and airspace of the Diaoyu Islands and conduct normal performance of duty to exercise China's jurisdiction.

Q: It is reported that the Japanese Defense Ministry proposed to increase the defense budget in 2013 at the defense meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party. What is China's comment?

A: Due to historical reasons, Japan's movements in the fields of military and security have been a high concern to its Asian neighbours. We hope Japan could draw lessons from history and follow the path of peaceful development.

Q: It is reported that on January 9 Venezuela's Supreme Court upheld the delay of the inauguration ceremony of President Hugo Chavez. What is China's comment?

A: China has been concerned about the health of President Chavez and sincerely wishes him early convelescence. Venezuela is an important country in Latin America and also a friendly country to China. We hope Venezuela continue to maintain national stability and economic and social development.

Q: It is reported that the new ROK administration may consider gradually relaxing sanctions against the DPRK and defusing the tension between them through dialogue. What is China's comment?

A: As a close neighbour of the Korean Peninsula, we always support the north and south of the Peninsula in improving their relations through dialogue and pushing forward reconciliation and cooperation, which is in the fundamental interests of all the people on the Peninsula and conducive to peace and stability of the Peninsula and the whole region.

Q: It is reported that Russia, the US and Special Representative Lakhdar Brahimi will hold a trilateral meeting in Geneva to discuss the political transition of Syria. What is China's comment?

A: China supports all efforts that are conducive to promoting the political resolution of the Syrian issue as well as Special Representative Lakhdar Brahimi's fair mediation. We hope relevant parties would actively promote implementation of the Communiqué of the Geneva foreign ministers' meeting of the Action Group on Syria and other international consensus so as to realize a fair, peaceful and proper settlement of the Syrian issue at an early date.

Q: A US Senator recently visited Taiwan and said that the US would sell missiles and military aircrafts to Taiwan in the next few years. What is China's comment?

A: China is always opposed to the US' official interactions with and arms sales to Taiwan. China urges the US side to abide by the one-China Policy and the three China-US Joint Communiqués, stop official interactions with and arms sales to Taiwan in any form and do not take actions that may impair China-US relations and the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations.

Q: Japanese media reported that the Japanese government would use light tracers to warn Chinese planes that enter the airspace of the Diaoyu Islands. What is your comment?

A: I already expressed my view on relevant Japanese media reports yesterday. I would like to emphasize that China always opposes Japan's infringement acts in the waters and airspace of China's Diaoyu Islands and remains highly vigilant against Japan's acts that could escalate the tension.

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