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Statement by Ambassador Liu Jieyi, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, at the Security Council Meeting on the Situation in Ukraine



Photo by Niu Xiaolei/Xinhua News Agency 

I wish to thank Assistant Secretary-General Fernandez-Taranco and Assistant Secretary-General Šimonović for their briefings.

China notes that, since the signing of the Minsk agreements between the Ukrainian Government and eastern militias at the beginning of September, there have been no large-scale armed clashes in eastern Ukraine. However, the security situation on the ground still remains fragile with sporadic violent attacks in violation of the ceasefire agreement, causing casualties and damage to infrastructure.

China is deeply worried and concerned about the situation. The top priority now is for the parties concerned to implement effectively and comprehensively the Minsk agreements and to ensure the realization of a ceasefire and cessation of violence in eastern Ukraine. That is the fundamental way to ease the humanitarian situation of the country, and it will create the necessary conditions for the provision of humanitarian assistance. China hopes that the international community will continue to play a constructive role in the improvement of the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. China maintains its consistent position that the United Nations human rights organs and international humanitarian relief agencies should adhere to the principles of objectivity and neutrality in carrying out their work.

The question of Ukraine involves a complex history that has a bearing on contemporary issues. The parties concerned should address the root of the problem and find a fundamental solution. While the legitimate rights, interests and claims of all regions and ethnic groups in Ukraine should be fully accommodated, attention must be given to addressing the legitimate concerns of the parties and to achieving a balance of interests among all parties. A political solution is the only proper way to solve the question of Ukraine. China hopes that the parties concerned will continue to implement the Minsk agreements, to further carry out constructive efforts and interaction and to launch as soon as possible an inclusive dialogue that will reach a balanced, durable and comprehensive political settlement of the question of Ukraine.

The international community should prevail on the parties concerned to make full use of existing communication channels and opportunities for dialogue, take actions conducive to the establishment of mutual trust and avoid confrontation. China supports any effort that will help the parties to engage in dialogue and consultations leading to a political settlement of the crisis, and we will continue to play an active and constructive role in seeking a political settlement of the question of Ukraine.

Thank you, Madam President.

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