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Statement by Ambassador Liu Jieyi after Security Council Voting on the Draft Resolution on Ukraine


Madam President,

The current situation in Ukraine is highly complex and sensitive and has regional and international repercussions. The international community should together engage in pushing through a political solution to the crisis in Ukraine so as to truly maintain peace and stability in the region. What we are seeing Ukraine today is the result of a complex intertwinement of historical and contemporary factors. The situation in Ukraine, which seems to be accidental, has elements of the inevitable, and therefore calls for a comprehensive and balanced solution.

China always respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all States. Those are long-standing and fundamental elements of China’s foreign policy. At the same time, we note that foreign interference is also a significant factor, giving rise to violent clashes on the streets of Ukraine and resulting in the crisis in the country.

The failure to implement the 21 February agreement has further exacerbated the turmoil in Ukraine, with serious social and economic consequences for the country. We condemn and oppose all extreme and violent acts. The key to resolving the crisis in Ukraine is to act within the framework of law and order, seeking an early solution to the differences through dialogue and negotiations, with due respect for the legitimate rights and interests of all those in the various communities and regions. All parties should move forward in the overall aim of maintaining regional peace and stability and of protecting the fundamental interests of all the communities in Ukraine in order to keep calm, exercise restraint and prevent a further escalation of the tension, while resolutely seeking a political solution so as to find a specific way out as soon as possible.

China has been calling for constructive efforts and the good offices of the international community to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine. We note the new developments and proposals in that regard. Drafting a resolution at this juncture will only lead to confrontation and further complicate the situation. It is not in line with the common interests of both the people of Ukraine and the international community. On the basis of the above, we could only abstain in the