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Statement by Ambassador Liu Jieyi at the Security Council after the Vote on the Draft Resolution on the Humanitarian Situation in Syria


Madam President,

Over the past three years, the Syrian conflict has continued to escalate, causing heavy casualties and serious loss of property, as well as the displacement of millions of civilians. China is seriously concerned at the ever-worsening humanitarian situation in Syria and sympathizes with the Syrian people who have sustained profound suffering. The current humanitarian situation in Syria must not continue.

China supports the efforts made by the international community, especially the United Nations, to ease the humanitarian situation in Syria and appreciates the contribution made by neighbouring countries in hosting a large number of Syrian refugees.

China has on many occasions provided humanitarian assistance to Syria and the neighbouring countries through multiple channels and will continue to provide help to the best of its ability to the Syrian people, including Syrian refugees outside Syria, so as to ease their suffering.

As the core of the collective security mechanism, the Security Council bears primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. The adoption by the Council of resolution 2139 (2014) is yet another unanimous action taken by the Council on the question of Syria since the adoption of resolution 2118 (2013) last year. This is the result of the common efforts of the members of the Council.

In the current circumstances, the actions taken by the Security Council on the humanitarian situation in Syria should be objective, balanced and conducive to the maintenance of international humanitarian norms and of the momentum for the political settlement of the Syrian crisis.

Resolution 2139 (2014) reiterates respect for the independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria, states the responsibility of all parties concerned in Syria for the improvement of thehumanitarian situation, stresses the imperative for all parties to abide by the guiding principles of United Nations humanitarian relief work, expresses support for the political settlement of the Syrian question and sends a unanimous and powerful message for the early improvement of the humanitarian situation in Syria. As such, it is of great significance.

Going forward, the international community should ensure the implementation of resolution 2139 (2014). We urge all parties in Syria to set their sights on the interests of their nation and their people, comprehensively implement the resolution, fully cooperate with the United Nations and other organizations and make common efforts for the improvement of the humanitarian situation in their country. The international community should continue to provide humanitarian assistance to Syria and actively support the efforts made by neighbouring countries in hosting Syrian refugees.

Humanitarian measures can offer only temporary relief of the suffering of the Syrian people. It is only by seeking a political settlement to the question of Syria that it will be possible to achieve a fundamental improvement in the humanitarian situation in Syria. Thanks to the common efforts of all parties, including China, the second Geneva conference was held last month. That was an important step in the political settlement of the question of Syria.

Resolution 2139 (2014) gives fresh impetus to the political process in Syria. The question of Syria is complex and sensitive and not easy to resolve. We hope that the international community will insist on the political settlement of the question of Syria, insist on letting the Syrian people decide the future of their country themselves, continue to promote an inclusive political transitional process and continue efforts to foster the realization of national reconciliation and unity in Syria and to ensure the delivery of humanitarian assistance in Syria and in neighbouring countries. We hope that the parties concerned in Syria will comply with this resolution, engage in dialogue and negotiations to establish mutual trust, meet one another halfway and draw on other useful experiences so as to reach a settlement on the basis of the claims of all parties that is in line with the national conditions of Syria and that accommodates the interests of all parties.

As a permanent member of the Security Council and a responsible member of the international community, China will continue to make a positive contribution to the promotion of the early realization of the comprehensive, lasting and appropriate resolution of the question of Syria.

Thank you, Madam President.

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