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Statement by Ambassador Wang Min, Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations,at the Security Council Briefing on the Libyan Issue


On behalf of the Chinese delegation, I should like to welcome the Prime Minister of Libya to today's meeting and to thank him for his statement.

I wish to make two points. First, the Libyan conflict led to the massive return of people to their homelands and to the proliferation of weapons, impacting the socio-economic development of Libya's neighbours. That impact may continue for some time.

We therefore believe that the Security Council should draw lessons from the way the Libyan issue was addressed. The Prime Minister of Libya said earlier that his country intends to convene a regional conference on the proliferation of weapons. We appreciate and welcome that effort.

Secondly, the Human Rights Council recently established the International Commission of Inquiry. The Commission's report (A/HRC/19/68) explicitly states that NATO's air strikes in Libya caused civilian casualties and that certain targets were not military facilities. The Commission also suggests that further investigations should be conducted. This finding is also in line with a number of media reports.

China expresses its deep concern in that regard. These events bear on the correct implementation of NATO's mandate under the Security Council's resolutions and on the authority and gravity of those resolutions. The Council must therefore understand the situation as a whole. China supports the efforts of the Security Council to remain seized of the situation and to undertake further investigations of this case.

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