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Statement by Ambassador Wang Min at the G77 Ambassadorial Meeting Under the Agenda Item"Interactive Dialogue With UNIDO Director-General Li Yong"


Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese delegation thanks Director-General Li Yong for his briefing on the future priorities of UNIDO. We support the concept of inclusive and sustainable industrial deve1opment proposed by him. Member states have reached consensus on the text of the Lima Declarationto be considered and adopted at the upcoming 15th session of UNIDO General Conference in Lima as it’s outcome document. The Lima Declaration and its theme of inclusive and sustainable industrial deve1opment will further strengthen UNIDO’s function and ro1e, and provide guidance to the organization in supporting developing countries’ efforts for inclusive and sustainable deve1opment.

The Chinese delegation would suggest that UNIDO keep up its communication with the Group of 77 in its future work and focus on the following endeavors.

First, deve1oping countries, with the Group of 77 as their representative, are undergoing different stages of economic development and industrialization. We hope that UNIDO will respect developing countries’ ownership in their development and formulate well-targeted support measures in the light of different levels of economic deve1opment and industrialization and actual needs of these countries. While attention should be given to energy conservation, emissions reduction and other areas that help achieve sustainable development, greater emphasis should be given to the introduction and promotion of products and technologies, capacity building and other projects that will have a direct impact on poverty reduction and eradication. In this way, UNIDO’s work will produce more fruitful results.

Second, we hope that UNIDO will work actively to encourage traditional donor countries to dedicate more ODA to projects that will help developing countries, the least developed countries in particular, realize industrialization. Developed countries should be urged to honor their international commitment and take concrete measures to transfer technology to developing countries and carry out training programs for them. At the same time, resources mobilization should be strengthened to attract support from more developed countries. Extensive partnership should be established with the private sectors and the overall input for the industrilization of developing countries should be increased.

Third, successful industrialization stories and best practices around the world should be studies and promoted in a systematic and in depth manner. We hope the UNIDO will support developing countries in helping each other in the course of industrialization under the framework of South- South cooperation. Efforts can be made to explore trilateral cooperation so that the advantages of all parties will be fully leveraged and the returns on resources maximized.

Sharing the common tasks with many developing countries in the world, China has been an active advocate and mover of South-South cooperation. Over the years, China has carried out a large number of activities with UNIDO in such areas as the promotion of applicable technologies, capacity building and utilization of clean energy, benefiting many members of the deve1oping world. Under the framework of south-south cooperation, China stands ready to work together with the Group of 77 to further strengthen Cooperation with UNIDO and help other developing countries with their development endeavors under the principle of mutual benefit and win-win. In this way, we hope to make our contribution to the achievement of MDGs and common prosperity and deve1opment of the world。

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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