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"Sculpting the Soul of A Nation" Exhibition Held at the United Nations


Co-sponsored by China’s Ministry of Culture and Chinese Permanent Mission to the United Nations, “Sculpting the Soul of A Nation” exhibition was opened at the UN headquarters in New York on 4 September 2012. The exhibition featured the sculpting art of Mr. Wu Weishan, a well-known and accomplished Chinese sculptor. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Mrs. Ban as well as high-ranking UN officials, permanent representatives to the UN, diplomats and friends from various countries were present at the opening ceremony.

Ambassador Li Baodong, China’s Permanent Representative to the UN, said at the opening ceremony that the art of sculpture is one of the pivotal building blocks for the mansion of the fine Chinese culture. Thousands of years ago, the Chinese people started to make stoneware with primitive tools and embarked on the long journey of the sculpting art ever since. With clay, stones and bronze, they had the Chinese history and civilization recorded and carried forward in the unique art form of sculptures and demonstrated the pursuit of the Chinese nation for truth, beauty, goodness and harmony between man and nature. Ambassador Li expressed appreciation for the unique freehand brushwork style of Mr. Wu Weishan’s sculptures, saying that it is based on acceptance and development of traditional Chinese sculpture and on extensive application of fine western sculpture techniques and ideas. Ambassador Li said that Mr. Wu’s artistic creations highlighted the “China spirit”, the “China grandeur” and the characteristics of our times. They also stand as fine examples of how oriental and Western arts can work together in a perfect way. Ambassador Li stressed the important role the exhibition would play in promoting understanding about the traditional Chinese culture and its sculpting art and advancing harmony and common prosperity of world cultures.

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