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Remarks by Ambassador Wang Min at Opening Ceremony of Culture for Harmony – 2012 UN Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition


Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, on behalf of the Chinese Mission to the United Nations, I extend my warmest congratulations on the opening of the 2012 UN Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition.

(Photograph by Shen Hong/Xinhua News Agency)

As an essential part of the traditional Chinese culture, calligraphy is a profound and elegant form of art with a time-honored history. By practicing calligraphy, people can not only cultivate their temperaments and characters, but also make friends and enhance exchanges. Ever since its introduction to China's neighbors about 1,400 years ago in the Tang Dynasty, Chinese calligraphy has become an important bridge for cultural exchanges between China and other countries. In recent years, there has emerged a craze for learning Chinese calligraphy in the United Nations. Even Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is a fan of Chinese calligraphy.

Today, we are pleased to launch a calligraphy exhibition at the UN Headquarters to promote the theme of "culture for harmony". This is of great significance and relevance. The United Nations advocates multicultural harmony and prosperity. Chinese calligraphy has plenty of schools, and each school has its own style. In spite of this, it has developed in a way that integrates the best of each style and allows each school to coexist and thrive. This coincides with the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

I am confident that this exhibition will play a vital role in promoting the friendship and exchanges between China and other countries, and deepen people's understanding of the traditional Chinese culture. I wish this exhibition a complete success.

Thank you.

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