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The Chinese Government's Basic Stand on Social Development


Since the World Summit for Social Development in 1995 adopted the Copenhagen Declaration and the Programme of Action, the social development issue has received high attention from all countries and the international community. The Chinese Government always acknowledges that a favorable development environment is the basic condition for social progress and that without a peaceful and stable international environment, the global social development and social justice can be realized from nowhere.

In recent years, wars and conflicts occurred in some regions, having destroyed the social development fruit accumulated by the local people who are forced to be homeless. Such a situation goes against the creation of a favorable development environment, and even may bring passive effect upon the global social development.

The Chinese Government acknowledges that a stable development of the global economy is the important foundation for social development. Although economic development can not spontaneously generate social progress, a stagnancy and retrogression of the economic development shall inevitably impose palpable negative influence upon the social development. Since 1997, the serious financial crisis erupted in some countries not only has brought about severe damage to the economy of these countries and their region but also has spread to the world economy as a whole. The social development of many countries is also influenced in various degrees. To safeguard the development of the global economy including the stability

of financial markets is an obligation of all countries and the international community.

The Chinese Government acknowledges that all national governments should undertake a major responsibility in promoting the domestic social development, and the energetic participation of the civil community including the non-governmental organizations should be encouraged and fostered. The social development strategies and policies of all national governments formulated in accordance with their respective national political systems, economic levels and cultural traditions deserve full understanding and endorsement.

The Chinese Government acknowledges that poverty eradication should continue to be considered the most essential issue of the social development. The poverty issue has always been an obsession of the whole world, in particular the people from the vast developing countries. Since the Summit, in spite of a sharp decrease of the poor population in some countries, the absolute number of the global poor population has not reduced but increased on the contrary. Under the circumstance of the desire to acquire the basic right to subsistence and right to development not being met, the poor population is unable to truly enjoy various economic, social and cultural rights. The fact of the existence of a big number of poor people should render all countries and the international community to be aware that the global social development is at the very start.

The Chinese Government acknowledges that the international cooperation in the field of Social Development should be further strengthened. The international community should attach further importance to the issues faced by developing countries and thus provide more assistance in forms of fund and technology. When formulating their economic, financial and trade policies, developed countries should take into account various direct or indirect unfavorable impact upon the social development of developing countries brought about by them.

The Chinese Government acknowledges that the impact of elements such as economic globalization, trade liberalization and the change of information transmission means should be carefully reviewed so as to enhance their benefits and mitigate their negative effects, ensuring all peoples' wishes to be realized.

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