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Statement by Mr. Ren Yisheng, Counsellor of the Chinese Delegation at the 52 Session of the UN Commission for Social Development under Agenda Item 3 (b)


Madam Chair,

At present, vulnerable social groups such as persons with disabilities and older persons are in an even more difficult situation, and young people are faced with a very tough employment situation. The Chinese Delegation attaches importance to the reports submitted by the Secretary-General under this agenda item and would like to make the following four observations:

First, it is very important to establish and improve a system of laws and policies on protecting the rights of persons with disabilities. Governments are duty-bound to comprehensively protect the rights and interests of persons with disabilities and promote full participation of persons with disabilities in social life. China supports the suggestion in the Secretary General's report to include the issue of persons with disabilities in the post-2015 development agenda, and calls on countries to actively implement the outcome document of the High-Level Meeting of the 68th Session of the UN General Assembly on the Realization of the MDGs and Other Internationally Agreed Development Goals for Persons with Disabilities, strengthen protection and social support for the rights and interests of persons with disabilities, improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities, and eliminate discrimination and infrastructure obstacles facing persons with disabilities in society in the process of formulating relevant laws and policies.

Second, it is very important to mobilize all sectors and use multiple means simultaneously to resolve the issue of aging. Population aging is a common challenge facing member states in their effort to achieve sustainable development. Member states should include the issue of aging in integrated planning on economic and social development on the basis of their national conditions, fully utilize different resources such as social organizations and families, improve the system of support and service for older persons, taking into account special needs of older persons in regard to poverty eradication, medical service, and social security. At the same time, efforts should be made to exploit market forces, attract the private sector to active participation, and develop the industry of service for older persons.

Third, it is very important to guide youth to positively contribute to social development and progress. Youth are an important force for maintaining social stability and promoting economic development. China supports the United Nations in attaching importance to youth development and formulating youth-oriented policies and programs of action. Member states should actively implement the World Program of Action for Youth, expand guidance and training to youth, cultivate their sense of social responsibility, improve their capabilities, and resolve issues of youth development, employment, and education, so that youth will become contributors and beneficiaries of social development.

Fourth, it is very important to exploit the role of the family as the basis in social development. The family is the most basic and vital unit of society, which has positive significance to poverty eradication, employment promotion, and social integration. Governments should include the family perspective in policy making, support the United Nations system in strengthening coordination, and take practical actions to support the United Nations in preparing for and conducting activities to observe the 20th anniversary of the International Year of the Family.

Madam Chair,

The Chinese Government attaches great importance to issues of persons with disabilities, older persons, youth, and the family, and conscientiously implements the United Nations' relevant plans and programs of action. We emphasize protecting and promoting the rights and interests of persons with disabilities according to law, and have enacted a series of supporting administrative laws and regulations such as the Regulations on Education of Persons with Disabilities and the Regulations on Employment of Persons with Disabilities. We make full use of the role of the state, society, the family, and individuals, and encourage and support participation of social organizations and individuals in aging issue; we promote the rights and development of aging population in coordination with economic and social development. We encourage and guide young people to actively participate in national economic and social development. There are 40.43 million registered youth volunteers nationwide, and they provided 690 million hours of volunteer service for society in 2013.

Madam Chair,

The Chinese Government will continue to proceed on the basis of national conditions, put people at the center of our development endeavor, and make realizing, safeguarding and developing the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people the starting point and goal of all the work. To actively respond to aging issue, we will actively accelerate the building of the social system of support and service for older persons and the development of the industry of service for older persons, improve the system of care and service for older persons left-behind in rural areas, and improve the system of protection of rights and interests of persons with disabilities, ensuring the sharing of development fruits by all people and effectively improving the wellbeing of all social groups. We are willing to participate, in an in-depth manner, in international cooperation in the area of social development and will make active efforts to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities and older persons, to guide youth to their assumption of social responsibility, and to exploit the basic role of the family globally.

Thank you, Madam Chair.

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