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Statement by Ms. LIU Lingxiao of the Chinese Delegation at the Third Committee of the 64th Session of the GA at the Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food


(21 October 2009, New York)

Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese delegation welcome the report of Mr. Schutter, commends his excellent cooperation with the Human Rights Council since he took up the post.

Mr. Chairman,

The issue of food has strong impact on the fundamental human rights of human being. The number of people in hunger has reached a new record of one thousand and twenty millions. The global food crisis severely threatened the food security of developing countries and the least developed countries. To overcome the food crisis rely on the joint effort and cooperation of the international community. We support the recommendations of the Special Rapporteur, urge the developed countries and UN agencies to provide financial and technical assistance to the developing countries, so as to help them strengthen food productive capacity and equally realize the right to food.

The Chinese delegation welcomes the research of the Special Rapporteur on the impact of seed policies and intellectual property rights in agriculture on the realization of the right to food, commends the recommendations of the Special Rapporteur which are helpful to the farmers of developing countries.

We have several questions for the Special Rapporteur.

What kinds of harmful impact on the farmers of developing countries and realization of the right to food did the global food and financial crisis cause? Will you take these issues as priorities in your future work? Do you have any plan to cooperate with FAO, WFP and other relevant agencies on these issues?

Thank you Mr. Chairman.


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