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Statement by Chinese Permanent Representative Wang Guangya at Security Council Meeting on Iraq
(October 16, 2003)


Mr. President,

The Chinese delegation has voted in favor of Resolution 1511 just adopted by the Security Council.

In view of the current situation in Iraq and the common aspiration of the international community, the Chinese side has consistently maintained that it is necessary for the Security Council to adopt a new resolution so as to help Iraq achieve peace and stability, restore sovereignty and realize economic and social development as soon as possible.

Compared with the original draft presented by the U.S. delegation, Resolution 1511 has registered marked improvements. It has incorporated a number of reasonable ideas or suggestions from all parties concerned, including China. This resolution will undoubtedly have positive significance for the endeavor to promote the political process in Iraq, accelerate power transfer by CPA to the Iraqi people, gradually strengthen the role of the UN and increase transparency in Iraqi economic reconstruction.

Proceeding from the above reasons, we have voted in favor of the resolution.

Mr. President,
It is the broad consensus of all parties and the strong wish of the Iraqi people to ensure the leading role of the UN in the Iraqi political process and an early restoration of Iraq's sovereignty, thus realizing "Iraq run by the Iraqi people". Like many other Member States, it is our consistent position that the resolution should contain clear and explicit provisions on these major questions. For this purpose, we have taken a forward-looking and practical approach in the consultations with the earnest hope to help achieve broad consensus among Council members. During the consultations, France, Germany, Russia and many others put forward a series of sound suggestions, and the Secretary-General also made important remarks. We emphasized on many occasions that the sponsors of the draft resolution should accord them serious consideration.

Had this resolution incorporated more of those suggestions, there would undoubtedly be a better outcome. Therefore, our positive vote does not mean that we are fully satisfied with its contents.

Mr. President,
The Security Council has the obligation and responsibility to remain actively seized of the issue. The Security Council has adopted nearly 70 resolutions on the question of Iraq. Resolution 1511 will not be the last one. Based on the new developments there, the Security Council should further consider in a timely fashion such questions as how to reinforce the important role of the UN in the Iraqi political process and speed up the restoration of the sovereignty of Iraq.

It should be pointed out that history and experience have proved that the final and desirable solution to the Iraqi question calls for concerted efforts and extensive participation of the international community. In this regard, the views of the vast number of Arab and Islamic countries and especially Iraq's neighboring countries should be fully respected.

I would like to conclude by reiterating that the Chinese Government and people are greatly concerned about the current situation in Iraq and attach importance to its political and economic reconstruction. We hope that with the strong support of the international community and the active assistance of the United Nations, the hardship-inflicted and war-ridden Iraq will see an early restoration of sovereignty and embark on the road of peace, stability and development. China is ready to continue to make unremitting efforts and positive contributions to this end.

Thank you, Mr. President.
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