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Statement by H.E.Ambassador Wang Min, Deputy Pernament Representative of the People's Republic of China to the United Nations, at Security Council 's Debate on The Situation in Afghanistan



I wish to thank Special Representative of the Secretary General De Mistura for his briefing and Ambassador Tanin, Permanent Representative of Afghanistan, for his statement.

One year ago, the Kabul International Conference on Afghanistan was successfully convened. Over the past year, through the efforts of the Afghan Government and people and with the help of the international community, positive progress has been achieved in the Afghan peace and reconstruction process. Meanwhile, Afghanistan is undergoing a critical period of transition whereby continued efforts are needed to achieve comprehensive and balanced development in all sectors — security, political, economic and social. In that connection, I would like to underscore the following five points.

First, China supports Afghanistan in its continued efforts to push through the Kabul Process with the help of the international community. In order to achieve Afghan peace, stability and development, there is a need to fully respect its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and to support its ownership and leadership, so as to genuinely achieve an Afghanistan run by Afghans.

Secondly, China is seriously concerned about the recent worsening in the security situation and the rising number of civilian casualties. We have noted that a certain country has announced its plans to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. We hope that in the transfer of security responsibilities to the Afghan Government, the parties concerned will earnestly assume responsibilities to help Afghanistan to strengthen its security capacity-building to ensure a peaceful and stable transition.

Thirdly, China supports Afghanistan in its national reconciliation efforts, fully respects the Afghan Government and people in the choice of their own accord and hopes to see progress in its peace and reintegration programme.

Fourthly, with regard to peace and reconstruction, Afghanistan still needs the sustained attention and support of the international community. The international community must deliver on and fulfil its commitment to help Afghanistan and to continue to provide the country with assistance. The parties need to respect and implement the priority programmes identified by Afghans themselves in the con