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² Minister WAN Interprets “Innovation-Driven Development” at 12th NPC Press Release

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Headline news

Minister WAN Interprets “Innovation-Driven Development” at 12th NPC Press Release

On March 7, a press release was held for the 1st Plenary Session of 12th National People’s Congress, and Minister Wan Gang and other representatives from the scitech community were invited to address “innovation-driven development” strategy.

R&D input exceeds RMB 1 trillion, Hi-tech export ranks world No. 1

In 2012, China’s total investment on research and development stood at RMB1024 billion, or 1.97% of GDP.

Benefited from a series of policies supporting hi-tech industry, China’s hi-tech industry witnessed rapid growth in 2012 and the hi-tech exports ranked No. 1 in the world.

The national innovation parks, including Zhongguancun, Zhangjiang and Donghu, have made remarkable achievements in sci-tech system reform, industrial development and technology innovation. The 105 hi-tech parks generated a total revenue of RMB16 trillion in 2012, or 13.6% of national industrial added value.

Enterprises grow by undertaking national major projects

Minister Wan said that the “top priority” of current sci-tech reform is to “make enterprises the major players in technology innovation”. In recent years, many companies have achieved tremendous progress by serving as contractors of major national projects, thus promote the development of related industry. Most of the companies working on major projects such as Change satellite, docking of Shenzhou-9 capsule with Tiangong-1 space station, lunar probe and deep sea exploration used to be research institutes. Other national projects, including high speed railway and West-East gas transmission, are carried out by groups consisting of both large domestic companies and SMEs. The government has also launched some special programs aiming at techn