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Speech by H.E. Ambassador Wang Qun at the First Committee of the 66th Session of the GA on Information and Cyberspace Security
Work to Build a Peaceful, Secure and Equitable Information and Cyber Space


Mr. Chairman,

The 21st century is the century of information. Information and cyber technology represents advanced productivity, and its rapid development and wide application have given a strong impetus to economic and social development and the progress of human civilization. They are also transforming people’s lives and the mode of operation of human society in a profound way. Information and cyber network system has become a critical infrastructure for countries of the world.

Mr. Chairman,

While countries enjoy the great convenience offered by information and cyber networks, they also find themselves more vulnerable in terms of security because of the inter-connected nature of information and cyber networks and multiple sources of potential risks and threats existing in information and cyber space.

In recent years, in addition to the vulnerability of its own information and cyber networks per ce, China has been subjected to increasing cyber attacks from abroad, which caused enormous losses to us. China has become one of the major victims of cyber attacks. This has made us realize that the inter-connectivity of information and cyber networks has contributed to making countries of the world “a community of common destiny” in which our security is inseparably linked together. Therefore, maintaining information and cyberspace security is maintaining the security of the whole international community, not that of just one country.

At presents, the information and cyberspace security represents a major non-traditional security challenge confronting the international community. Effective response to this challenge has become an important element of international security and a major topic for multilateral diplomacy for arms control.

Mr. Chairman,

China believes that the international community should view this issue from the new perspective of “a community of common destiny” and work together towards a peaceful, secure and equitable information and cyber space. To this end, the following five principles should be followed:

Firstly, the principle of peace. In recent history, humanity experienced two world wars and at times came to the brink of nuclear war. In the information age, we must not go through the old sequence of “suffering the pains of wars first and learning to cherish peace afterw