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Statement by H.E Ambassador Wang Min at the 69th Session of the UN General Assembly on Agenda Item "Report of International Atomic Energy Agency"


Madam Chair,

The Chinese Delegation welcomes the report by Director-General Amano on the IAEA's work.

Over the past year, the IAEA has been earnestly fulfilling its duties under its Charter, and made substantial achievements in such areas as peaceful use of nuclear energy and technology, nuclear nonproliferation, as well as nuclear safety and security. With this regard, China would like to express our acknowledgement.

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of China's membership in the IAEA. During the past 30 years, the Chinese Government has been developing nuclear energy in an efficient and safe manner, upholding the principle of placing equal emphasis on both development and security. China and the IAEA have conducted multi-layered and all-dimensional cooperation in various areas, which has contributed to the peaceful, broad and safe use of nuclear energy in China and around the world at large. Recently, upon the convening of the 58th session of the IAEA General Conference, Chinese Premier LI Keqiang sent a letter of congratulation, commending the fruitful results that were born of China-IAEA cooperation.

Madam Chair,

We are glad to see that in today's world, the trend of nuclear energy development is continuing, utilization of nuclear technology is increasingly broad, and nuclear safeguards are applied to more facilities, with nuclear safety and security further strengthened. More and more people are benefiting from this process. Meanwhile, international efforts in nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear security are still confronted with challenges and the risks of nuclear terrorism can not be ignored. The IAEA faces a huge task ahead. China hopes that the IAEA focus on the following aspects in its future work:

First, deepen cooperation in nuclear energy and technology. We encourage the IAEA to increase inputs to this work, with a view to helping Member States meet their increasing needs for nuclear energy. In particular, support and assistance should be provided to the developing countries, so that they may also enjoy the benefits brought by nuclear energy development. In this regard, China is willing to share the outcomes and experiences gained along this path.

Second, enhance nuclear safety and security. We encourage the Agency to make specific requirements to Japanese government and assist Japan in dealing with the subsequent impact of the Fukushima nuclear accident. The Agency should also closely follow the progress, review the effect of the work, and provide updates to the international society in a timely manner. With the prospect that the Nuclear Security Summit process might end in 2016, the Agency should fully prepare itself for a primary role in the area of nuclear security, and make contributions to the establishment of a fair, cooperative and win-win international nuclear security architecture.

Third, soundly improve the safeguards regime. Application of safeguards should first and foremost be objective and impartial. It is on this condition that efforts should be further made to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the safeguards regime. China welcomes the fact that the Secretariat has exchanged views with member states on the state-level concept for safeguards. In China's view, adjustments to the safeguards measures should only be made after full consultations among member states.

Fourth, objectively and impartially deal with regional nuclear issues. China encourages the Agency to play a constructive role in settling regional nuclear issues peacefully through dialogue and consultations in accordance with its mandate.

China will always support the IAEA in its effort to fully and effectively fulfill duties mandated by the IAEA Statute to promote world peace and development.

Thank you, Madam Chair.

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